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Rockford abortion clinic will not reopen due to lack of support, Corina Curry, (01/13/12)

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Abortion Is HERE in DUBUQUE. The Time To Act is NOW!

Stealth, subterfuge, and denial –that’s the Planned Parenthood way, and that’s the story in Dubuque. There were no trumpets, no fanfare, and no banner headlines. But thanks to Planned Parenthood, abortion is now a cruel reality in our community. Who will allow Dubuque teens and young adults to suffer chemically-induced abortions at home and all alone?

Planned Parenthood will.

Recent news reports reveal that Planned Parenthood of the Heartland is using Iowa as a test state for a new type of abortion procedure, called “telemed” abortion. Thousands of babies have been aborted in Iowa since this procedure was first begun. (“Abortion Drugs Given in Iowa Via Video Link”, The New York Times 6/8/10; “Faraway doctors give abortion pills”, Des Moines Register 5/16/10) Click Here to read these articles). In May 2010, Planned Parenthood disclosed its plan to make “telemed” abortions available in Dubuque and Cedar Rapids. (Iowa Public Radio, Interview with Barbara Chadwick, Planned Parenthood Director of Patient Services, aired May 21, 2010. Click here to read a transcript of this interview).

Planned Parenthood may already be aborting babies in Dubuque with this procedure.

What can we do?

We can STOP Planned Parenthood in Dubuque.

How can we do this?

Only with YOUR help. Please, JOIN OUR PROTEST!

Learn about Planned Parenthood. Learn about telemed abortions. Donate to our billboard campaign. Stop by the Dubuque County Right to Life office, 2205 Carter Road, and pick up a yard sign. Above all, help us maintain a peaceful, pro-life presence outside the Planned Parenthood office in Dubuque.

Dubuque is OUR community. We believe in love, compassion, and life. We are a values-centered, morally-strong, faith-filled people. Abortion has no place here. Help us protect the teenagers and young women of our community, and help us save babies from being aborted!

Protest Planned Parenthood
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