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Protest Works!
Since Planned Parenthood opened its doors in Dubuque in August 2008, more than 200 volunteers of all ages, occupations, churches, and area hometowns have united with one objective: Stop Planned Parenthood and Stop Abortion in Dubuque.

Braving sub-zero temperatures, snowstorms, pouring rain, and even blistering heat, volunteers have logged more than [______ hours]* of peaceful protest. Call it what you wish: praying, protesting, picketing; but the idea is to BE THERE as a visible witness to the harm of abortion and Planned Parenthood’s stance on abortion and parental rights in our community.

Our goal? A Constant Presence.

The bottom line is that if Planned Parenthood is open, then we’re there too.

To those of you who have donated so much of your time, sometimes many hours each week: THANK YOU! To those who have donated one hour a week or one hour a month, THANK YOU! To those who have joined us even just once: THANK YOU!

But the need is even greater now that abortion is reality in Dubuque.

Please -- Join our protest and help us maintain a peaceful, pro-life – and constant – presence outside Planned Parenthood in Dubuque.

Agreement on every political, theological or philosophical issue is unnecessary and unlikely. We are united in our common goal to rid our community of the destructive influence of Planned Parenthood. Our physical presence – united in protest – is an unequivocal testament that Planned Parenthood is not welcome in Dubuque.

The time necessary? Whatever you can spare – an hour a week, an hour a month, more or even less.

It is only with the combined efforts of as many as possible that we can maintain our presence, and underscore our message, for the long term.

The most important reason to join our protest? It will work!

We’ve already made progress. Not only has Planned Parenthood reduced its office hours, but we’ve learned that our presence has saved lives by helping several young women reconsider a decision to abort. But we must not stop until abortion is out of Dubuque.

Contact us today to see how you can help. Whether it is your time, a special talent or skill, we need you and want to include you. Click here to send us an e-mail, or call Dubuque County Right to Life at 563-556-5960 or send us an e-mail >

Protest Planned Parenthood
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