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“STOP Planned Parenthood” Director Visits Dubuque, Katie Wiedemann, (05/16/12)

Maine Gov Signs Budget Zapping $400K to Abortion Biz, Steven Ertelt, (05/16/12)

Study: Planned Parenthood Targeting College Students With Abortion, Kristan Hawkins, (05/16/12)

Iowa Legislature Kills Bid to Cut Planned Parenthood Funds, Steven Ertelt, (05/11/12)

Planned Parenthood Opens New Florida Abortion Business, Steven Ertelt, (05/11/12)

Congressional Bill Cuts Planned Parenthood Webcam Abortion Funding, Steven Ertelt, (05/11/12)

Bishops to Investigate Girl Scouts’ Planned Parenthood Ties, Steven Ertelt, (05/10/12)

Planned Parenthood: Celebrate Mother’s Day by Funding Abortions, Steven Ertelt, (05/10/12)

Planned Parenthood fight continues at state level
The Washington Post, Rachel Weiner, (05/07/12)

Planned Parenthood Appears OK With Sex-Selection Abortions, Steven Ertelt, (05/09/12)

Komen Grant Funds First-Ever Planned Parenthood Mammograms, Steven Ertelt, (05/04/12)

Planned Parenthood Abortions Up in Iowa, Nebraska, Arkansas, Jennifer Bowen, (05/04/12)

Planned Parenthood Prayer Campaign for Abortion Yields No Results, Jane Chastain, (05/03/12)

Presbyterian Seminary Honors Planned Parenthood President, Andrew Bair, (05/03/12)

Abortion Access Bill Heads To State Legislative Committees
KPBS, Megan Burke, Maureen Cavanaugh, Peggy Pico, Claire Trageser, (04/24/12)

Planned Parenthood Worried It's The Target Of New Undercover Sting
Huffington Post, Laura Bassett, (04/23/12)

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin plans to end medication-induced abortions
Wisconsin State Journal, Dee J. Hall, (04/20/12)

Senate panel endorses forcing Planned Parenthood out of performing abortions, Kevin Landrigan, (04/20/12)

Austin's burlesque community bands together (and strips down) for Planned Parenthood, Michael Graupmann, (04/19/12)

Planned Parenthood sues over health care exclusion, Todd Ackerman, (04/12/12)

California mayor: I will fight new Planned Parenthood clinic ‘even if it costs me personally’
LifeSiteNews, Ben Johnson, (03/28/12)

Abortion-drugs measure gets OK from Senate committee, Barbara Hoberock, (03/27/12)

Planned Parenthood to open clinic in Ferndale
Detroit Free Press, Megha Satyanarayana, (03/26/12)

Planned Parenthood supporters mock abortion survivor, Jennie Stone, (03/26/12)

Truth Revealed In Most Vile Comments Ever On The Cypress Times
The Cypress Times, Ethan Edwards, (03/25/12)

‘282 corporations have stopped funding Planned Parenthood’, John-Henry Westen, (03/22/12)

Planned Parenthood Faces More Fraud Charges From Ex-Employees, Steven Ertelt, (03/20/12)

Planned Parenthood speaker: Good parents let teens have sex at home
LifeSiteNews, Ben Johnson, (03/20/12)

Planned Parenthood Supporters Mock Abortion Survivor, Jennie Stone, (03/19/12)

WDUQ pulls Planned Parenthood spots, L.A. Johnson, (03/18/12)

The Numbers Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Want You to Know, Jennie Stone, (03/15/12)

Report: Number of Planned Parenthood Clinics Declines Again, Steven Ertelt, (03/15/12)

Obama Kills Texas Women’s Health Program Over Planned Parenthood, Steven Ertelt, (03/15/12)

Planned Parenthood Possibly Botches Abortion, Sends Woman to Hospital, Steven Ertelt, (03/13/12)

CEO of Texas Planned Parenthood Arrested for Indecent Exposure, Steven Ertelt, (03/13/12)

Obama Cuts Women’s Health Program After Planned Parenthood Dropped, Steven Ertelt, (03/12/12)

Pro-Lifers Rally to Keep Planned Parenthood Closed in Auburn Hills
TFP Student Action, William Stover, (03/11/12)

Abby Johnson claims millions in fraud in ‘whistleblower’ lawsuit against Planned Parenthood, Kathleen Gilbert, (03/10/12)

Analysis: Planned Parenthood Business Model Abortion Based, Keith Riler, (03/08/12)

Storm Lake Planned Parenthood Shuts Down; Pro Life Groups Celebrate, Jacob Heller, (03/01/12)

National anti-abortion leaders hail Planned Parenthood closure of two Iowa clinics, Tony Leys, (03/01/12)

Planned Parenthood Closes Webcam Abortion Centers in Iowa, Steven Ertelt, (03/01/12)

As More Planned Parenthood Centers Close, Abortions Decline, Jennie Stone, (02/29/12)

Planned Parenthood Sells Condoms With GPS Showing Sex Location, Steven Ertelt, (02/27/12)

Planned Parenthood to close in Odessa
AO Online, Nathaniel Miller, (02/24/12)

Texas Defunds Planned Parenthood Despite Obama Admin Attacks, Steven Ertelt, (02/24/12)

Planned Parenthood Fraud Totals $100 Million in Tax Dollars, Catherine Glenn Foster, (02/24/12)

Planned Parenthood Launches Twitter Account Targeting Tee, Lucy LeFever, (02/16/12)

Planned Parenthood Bullies Food Pantry Group to Support It, Susan Michelle, (02/15/12)

Ohio's Planned Parenthood affiliates to merge, become Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio, Angela Townsend, (02/10/12)

New Head of Biggest Planned Parenthood Says Abortion Sacred, Sarah Crawford, (02/09/12)

Report: Planned Parenthood Groups Engage in Medicaid Fraud, Steven Ertelt, (02/07/12)

Planned Parenthood Closing Abortion Business in Iowa, Steven Ertelt, (02/06/12)

University of Hawaii May Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz, Steven Ertelt, (02/03/12)

Planned Parenthood Sues Tennessee for Cutting Taxpayer Funds, Steven Ertelt, (02/03/12)

Planned Parenthood of the North Country New York loses funding for teenage pregnancy/parenting program, Rebecca Madden, (02/01/12)

New Planned Parenthood health center opens, (01/31/12)

THAYER: Planned Parenthood’s big lie
The Washington Times, Sue Thayer, 01/31/12

Komen to Stop Grants to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz, Steven Ertelt, (01/31/12)

Columbia, Missouri Planned Parenthood Resumes Abortions, Steven Ertelt, (01/26/12)

Planned Parenthood Purchases New $35M National HQ in NYC, Steven Ertelt, (01/25/12)

House bans funds for Planned Parenthood
Concord Monitor, Matthew Spolar, (01/19/12)

New Hampshire House Votes to De-Fund Planned Parenthood, Steven Ertelt, (01/18/12)

Planned Parenthood Kicked Out of School Classes in New York, Steven Ertelt, (01/12/12)

Fitness Magazine Promotes Planned Parenthood Web Site, Steven Ertelt, (01/12/12)

Planned Parenthood Wants to Increase Abortions Globally 82%, Steven Ertelt, (01/11/12)

Planned Parenthood: Pre-Abortion Ultrasounds “Abhorrent”, Steven Ertelt, (01/11/12)

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz CEOs Average $158K Salary, Steven Ertelt, (01/09/12)

Botched Abortion Injures Woman at Virginia Planned Parenthood, Steven Ertelt, (01/09/12)

91% of Pregnant Women Planned Parenthood Sees Get Abortions, Steven Ertelt, (01/05/12)

Planned Parenthood: 51% of Its Clinic Income Comes From Abortions, Steven Ertelt, (01/05/12)

Planned Parenthood Closes Abortion Center in Waco, Texas, Steven Ertelt, (01/04/12)

Planned Parenthood in Upstate New York to Expand Abortions, Steven Ertelt, (01/02/12)


Planned Parenthood Helps Fewer Pregnant Woman, Adoptions Drop, Steven Ertelt, (12/30/11)

Planned Parenthood Report: $1B Group Gets 46% From Tax Money, Steven Ertelt, (12/30/11)

Silverdale Planned Parenthood forced to shut down
Central Kitsap Reporter, (12/29/11)

Planned Parenthood Pushing Teens to Secret Abortions in NH, Steven Ertelt, (12/28/11)

Southwest Michigan Planned Parenthood offices preparing for uncertain future, due to state funding cuts, Ted Yoakum, (12/28/11)

Planned Parenthood office set to close, Rosalie Currier, (12/25/11)

Planned Parenthood Closing Michigan Abortion Referral Center, Steven Ertelt, (12/26/11)

Baby Saved at New Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz in St. Paul, Steven Ertelt, (12/23/11)

Planned Parenthood Loses $200K Tax-Funded Grant in Michigan, Steven Ertelt, (12/20/11)

Planned Parenthood loses $130,000 state contract in Wisconsin, Kathleen Gilbert, (12/19/11)

Planned Parenthood requires teen job applicants to attend gay pride parade, Ben Johnson, (12/19/11)

Whidbey’s only Planned Parenthood clinic to close in Oak Harbor, (12/16/11)

Planned Parenthood closing Silverdale center, Rachel Pritchett, (12/16/11)

Local Planned Parenthood office to close Tuesday, Jessica VanderKolk, (12/16/11)

Planned Parenthood Loses $130K in Tax Funding in Wisconsin, Steven Ertelt, (12/15/11)

Planned Parenthood Hiring 14-Year-Old Kids to Push Sex Ed, Steven Ertelt, (12/15/11)

Planned Parenthood encourages ‘young children’ to masturbate, John-Henry Westen, (12/13/11)

Planned Parenthood Stacks PR Firms With Ex-Staffers for Media Spin, Jill Stanek, (12/08/11)

Planned Parenthood Opening $16M Abortion Biz in Minnesota, Steven Ertelt, (12/08/11)

Planned Parenthood is Back With “Choice on Earth” Campaign, Steven Ertelt, (12/07/11)

Former Planned Parenthood Workers Back Congressional Probe, Steven Ertelt, (12/07/11)

Planned Parenthood Building Big North Texas Abortion Biz, Susan Tyrrell, (11/29/11)

Planned Parenthood lies about itself
Washington Examiner, Catherine Anthony Adair, (11/22/11)

Planned Parenthood Gives Tips to Promote Abortion at Thanksgiving, Steven Ertelt, (11/24/11)

Planned Parenthood to Pregnant Woman: Can’t Help You w/o Abortion, Susan Tyrrell, (11/22/11)

Planned Parenthood Misleads on Birth Control Statistics, Steven Ertelt, (11/22/11)

Obama Defends Planned Parenthood Funding at Pro-Abortion Dinner, Steven Ertelt, (11/11/11)

CEO of Planned Parenthood Accused of Medicaid Fraud Retires, Steven Ertelt, (11/04/11)

Planned Parenthood Accused of Massive Medicaid Fraud in Texas, Steven Ertelt, (11/03/11)

Whistleblower alleges Texas Planned Parenthood committed massive Medicaid fraud, Jill Stanek, (11/01/11)

Planned Parenthood completely defunded in Tennessee, John Jalsevac, (11/01/11)

Planned Parenthood: Prenatal Care at 8% of Clinics, Abortions at 40%, Jennie Stone, (10/28/11)

Arizona abortions drop over 30% after new law: Planned Parenthood mad babies weren’t aborted, Thomas Peters, (10/27/11)

Sebelius Admin Destroyed Records in Case Against Planned Parenthood, Kathy Ostrowski, (10/21/11)

Abby Johnson: Planned Parenthood Kept Me in the Dark on My Abortion, Abby Johnson, (10/20/11)

Planned Parenthood President: My 400K Salary a “Non-Issue”, Steve Ertelt, (10/19/11)

Planned Parenthood challenges proposals to end abortion in Nevada
Las Vegas Review-Journal, Ed Vogel, (10/18/11)

Webcam Abortions Head to Minnesota, Wisconsin May be Next, Steve Ertelt, (10/17/11)

Planned Parenthood Denied $397K in Tax Funding in Tennessee, Steve Ertelt, (10/17/11)

Planned Parenthood Misleads Women About Chemical Abortions, Jennie Stone, (10/16/11)

Behind The Pink Ribbon: Komen’s Ties With Planned Parenthood, Breeanne Howe, (10/13/11)

Planned Parenthood Marks 95 Years as Biggest Abortion Biz, Steve Ertelt, (10/13/11)

‘Pieces of children’: former abortion worker describes life at Boston Planned Parenthood, Kathleen Gilbert, (10/12/11)

Planned Parenthood sets its roots, Saul Hubbard, (09/29/11)

Planned Parenthood expansion draws protests in Tri-Cities, Jordan Shefte,( 09/29/11)

Congress to Investigate Planned Parenthood Abortion Business, Steve Ertelt, (09/27/11)

Quit the Girl Scouts Over Their Planned Parenthood Connection, Abby Johnson, (09/23/11)

Police Want Records in Planned Parenthood-Statutory Rape Case, Steve Ertelt, (09/22/11)

Four more Planned Parenthood clinics closing in wake of Texas de-funding law, Thaddeus Baklinski, (09/22/11)

Planned Parenthood in Waco, Texas Cuts Staff After De-Funding, Steve Ertelt, (09/21/11)

Planned Parenthood: 38.4% of Its Income Comes From Abortions, Steve Ertelt, (09/20/11)

Most U.S. Planned Parenthoods located in minority communities: report, Kathleen Gilbert, (09/19/11)

Planned Parenthood Will Close Several Clinics in the Upper Valley, Joangel Concepcion, (09/16/11)

Adoption referrals at Planned Parenthood plummet as abortions rise, Christine Dhanagom, (09/14/11)

Planned Parenthood Drops Bid for New California Abortion Biz, Steve Ertelt, (09/13/11)

Incredible 9/11 Commercial Promotes Pro-Life Message, Steve Ertelt, (09/12/11)

Planned Parenthood funding stripped by the Children's Service Council of St. Lucie County, Liz Flynn, (09/08/11)

Rehoboth Planned Parenthood office closes, Ryan Mavity, (09/06/11)

New Video Features Planned Parenthood Director Who Quit, Steve Ertelt, (09/02/11)

Arizona Planned Parenthood Expands in Tucson After Closings, Steve Ertelt, (09/01/11)

Former Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Staffer Shares More, Steve Ertelt, (09/01/11)

Investigating Planned Parenthood: it’s time
LifeSiteNews, Chuck Colson, (09/01/11)

Two Planned Parenthood abortion workers quit this week, Jeremy Kryn, (09/01/11)

Funding Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Stop Unplanned Pregnancies, Eric Scheidler, (08/31/11)

Florida Pro-Lifers to Protest Planned Parenthood Funding, Steve Ertelt, (08/31/11)

Planned Parenthood Loses Millions In State Funds, Roger Mares, (08/31/11)

Minnesota: Planned Parenthood Brings Abortion Drug to Rochester, Steve Ertelt, (08/30/11)

Report Proves Planned Parenthood Targets Blacks, Hispanics, Steve Ertelt, (08/29/11)

Study: Birth Control Not Stopping Unplanned Pregnancies, Abortions, Steve Ertelt, (08/25/11)

Komen Gave $569K to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz in 2010, Steve Ertelt, (08/25/11)

From Planned Parenthood to Pro-Life
National Catholic Register, Jim Graves, (08/24/11)

Planned Parenthood Wisconsin Facing Tough Times After Cuts, Steve Ertelt, (08/22/11)

Kansas Refuses to Send Tax Money to Planned Parenthood, Steve Ertelt, (08/19/11)

Catholic Bishop: Church Can’t Back Komen Because of Abortion, Steve Ertelt, (08/19/11)

Numerous Planned Parenthoods close in wake of new Texas law, Christine Dhamagom, (08/18/11)

Planned Parenthood Stops Abortions at Seven Arizona Locations, Steve Ertelt, (08/18/11)

Planned Parenthood in Texas Regroups After Losing Tax Funds, John Seago, (08/17/11)

Ex-Planned Parenthood Director Praises China’s One-Child Policy, Steve Ertelt, (08/10/11)

Planned Parenthood Webcam Abortion Safety Study Not Credible, Jennifer Bowen, (07/29/11)

6 More Planned Parenthoods in North Texas Closing!, (07/29/11)

State by State, Loss of Taxpayer Funding Forces Planned Parenthood Closures
American Life League, Rita Diller, (07/29/11)

Mistake costs Planned Parenthood $5.05M
Springfield News-Sun, Ben Sutherly, (07/28/11)

Planned Parenthood Lobbies Against Pro-Life Mexico City Policy, Steve Ertelt, (07/27/11)

Area Planned Parenthood closes, patients rerouted
Owatonna People's Press, Ashley Peterson, (07/25/11)

Planned Parenthood Threatens Florida Over Family Planning Opt Out, Steve Ertelt, (07/22/11)

Obama Admin Demands New Hampshire Restore Planned Parenthood $, Steve Ertelt, (07/21/11)

Planned Parenthood Unmasks Its Own Ignoble Goals And Its Unholy Alliance With Eastern Virginia Medical School
The Family Foundation, (07/20/11)

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Signs Bill De-Funding Planned Parenthood, Steve Ertelt, (07/20/11)

Politifact: Planned Parenthood Serves Few Prenatal Clients, Steve Ertelt, (07/18/11)

Defunding Planned Parenthood Action Center' Launched
American Life League, Paul E. Rondeau, (07/18/11)

Congress Should Probe Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz, Steve Ertelt, (07/14/11)

Planned Parenthood Cuts Contraception, Not Abortion After De-Funding, Steve Ertelt, (07/12/11)

Abortions at Planned Parenthood: Done in Record Numbers, Gerard Nadal, (07/11/11)

Planned Parenthood Faces Protests of New Michigan Abortion Biz, Steve Ertelt, (07/08/11)

Planned Parenthood Abortion Methods Page Ignores The Baby, Ciara Matthews, (07/08/11)

Waco Planned Parenthood To Merge With Austin Affiliate, (06/06/11)

Planned Parenthood Nashville chapter loses grant, AP, (06/05/11)

Planned Parenthood Has Lost $200K in Kansas Tax-Funding, Steve Ertelt, (07/05/11)

Planned Parenthood Officially Loses $335K Grant in Tennessee, Steve Ertelt, (07/05/11)

Expose’: Planned Parenthood Staffers Admit Tax-Funding Not Needed, Steve Ertelt, (06/29/11)

New Hampshire Scraps $1.8M in Planned Parenthood Tax Funding, Steve Ertelt, (06/28/11)

Texas Legislators Cut Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Funding, Steve Ertelt, (06/27/11)

Planned Parenthood Forming Massive Midwest Abortion Business, Steve Ertelt, (06/27/11)

Planned Parenthood to close Aug. 1
Alberta Lee Tribune, Sarah Stultz, (06/22/11)

Minnesota Planned Parenthood to Close Six Locations in August, Steve Ertelt, (06/21/11)

Planned Parenthood Prez Gets Grant for Pro-Abortion “Catholic” Group, Steve Ertelt, (06/20/11)

Planned Parenthood Indiana Cutting Staff After De-Funding, Steve Ertelt, (06/20/11)

Wisconsin to defund Planned Parenthood, Julian Pecquet, (06/17/11)

Komen Sends Women to Planned Parenthood for Nonexistent Mammograms, Steve Ertelt, (06/16/11)

North Carolina Becomes Third State to De-Fund Planned Parenthood, Steve Ertelt, (06/15/11)

Indiana Will Defy Obama Admin Order to Not De-Fund Planned Parenthood, Steve Ertelt, (06/02/11)

Planned Parenthood will close its Doylestown clinic, Christina Kristofic, (06/12/11)

Planned Parenthood donations a double-edged sword, Deanna Martin, (05/29/11)

Kansas: Brownback Signs Bill De-Funding Planned Parenthood, Steve Ertelt, (05/27/11)

Nebraska and Iowa Planned Parenthood Abortion Businesses Merge, Steve Ertelt, (05/24/11)

Virginia Health Dept Rejects Planned Parenthood Expansion, Steve Ertelt, (05/20/11)

New Pro-Life Web Site Links Girl Scouts With Planned Parenthood, Steve Ertelt, (05/18/11)

Girl Killed by Abortion Drug Followed Old Planned Parenthood Policy, Steve Ertelt, (05/18/11)

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz in New Jersey Violating Laws, Steve Ertelt, (05/12/11)

Fact: 96% of Pregnant Women at Planned Parenthood Get Abortions, Kristan Hawkins, (04/19/11)

Planned Parenthood Will Close Reno, Nevada Clinic in June, Steve Ertelt, (04/19/11)

16-Year-Old Girl Suffered Botched Abortion at Planned Parenthood, Steve Ertelt, (04/18/11)

Planned Parenthood tells of expansion
Omaha World Herald, Rick Ruggles, (04/15/11)

Planned Parenthood to Close Center in Northern California, Steve Ertelt, (04/15/11)

Tapes Show Planned Parenthood Abortion Ctrs Hiding Statutory Rape, Steve Ertelt, (04/13/11)

Tapes Show Planned Parenthood Injured Woman in Botched Abortion, Steve Ertelt, (04/07/11)

Planned Parenthood to close Trinity County health center
The Trinity Journal, Trinity Journal Staff, (04/06/11)

Abby Johnson: Planned Parenthood Business Model All About Abortion, Abby Johnson, (04/05/11)

Report: Number of Planned Parenthood Centers at 25-Year Low, Steve Ertelt, (03/23/11)

Planned Parenthood Sends Woman to Hospital After Botched Abortion, Steve Ertelt, (03/21/11)

Planned Parenthood of Central Texas Closes Two Centers, Steve Ertelt, (03/18/11)

Only One Planned Parenthood in Trafficking Videos Contacted Police, Steve Ertelt, (03/14/11)

Planned Prenthood Exposed (Video)
Catholic Vote, (03/11/11)

Planned Parenthood vows to sue South Dakota over abortion bill, Rebecca Millette, (03/11/11)

Faith pushes picketers to abortion clinic, Elizabeth Stoever - Gatehouse News Service, (03/10/11)

Planned Parenthood to close Lisle office, Jenifer Micale, (03/09/11)

Arizona House Says No to Telemed Abortions Without Doctor, Steve Ertelt, (02/28/11)

Planned Parenthood in Gouverneur closes clinic shuttered since summer, (02/25/11)

Abortion by Internet? Docs Push New Frontiers
CBN News, Heather Sells, (02/23/11)

Planned Parenthood in Kansas, Tiller, Ignored 164 Cases of Child Rape, Steve Ertelt, (02/22/11)

Funding Cuts Could End Planned Parenthood in Vermont
Fox News, Mitch Pittman, (02/20/11)

Failed Abortion Injures Woman at Missouri Planned Parenthood, Steve Ertelt, (02/14/11)

Planned Parenthood Tried to Force Raped Teen to Have Abortion, Steve Ertelt, (02/14/11)

DC Planned Parenthood Staffer Counsels Sex-Trafficker How Underage Girls Can Get Abortions And Testing, No Questions Asked, (David Schmidt, (02/10/11)

Bronx, NY Planned Parenthood tells pimp he can pose as "guardian" for underage sex slaves
Live Action Films, (02/08/11)

Planned Parenthood to Retrain Staff After Sex Trafficking Scandal, Steven Ertelt, (02/08/11)

Pattern Emerges: Three More Virginia Planned Parenthood Clinics Caught On Tape Willing to Aid and Abet Sexual Exploitation of Minors
Live Action, David Daleiden, (02/04/11)

Richmond Virginia Planned Parenthood Clinic Shows Willingness to Aid and Abet Sexual Exploitation of Minors
Live Action, David Daleiden, (02/03/11)

Three More Videos Show Planned Parenthood Helping Sex Trafficker, Steve Ertelt, (02/4/11)

Planned Parenthood Aids Pimp's Underage Sex Ring
Live Action Films posted on You Tube, (02/01/11)

Parents, community leaders against Planned Parenthood in Knox County Schools, Lorena Estrada, (01/28/11)

March for Life impresses area youths, (01/26/11)

8th-grader: Presiding priest praises youth presence, Dietz Meyer, (01/26/11)

Congressman Challenges Controversial Abortion Procedure, (01/24/11)

Planned Parenthood’s Presentations in Knox County High Schools Have Some Parents Up in Arms, Cari Wade Gervin, (01/26/11)

Planned Parenthood Possibly Caught in Abortion-Sex Trafficking Coverup, Steven Ertelt, (01/25/11)

Picketer: 6 babies saved by presence, Andy Piper, (01/23/11)

Planned Parenthood cuts hours, Kurt Ullrich, (01/22/11)

Planned Parenthood may double the number of N.J. abortion clinics while expanding nationwide, Susan K. Livio/Statehouse Bureau, (01/16/11)

Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Charged With 8 Counts Of Murder
CBS, reported by Walt Hunter Tony Hansen & John Ostapkovich, (01/19/11)

Indiana Planned Parenthood Report: More Abortions, Income, Steve Ertelt, (01/11/11)

Botched Abortion Injures Woman at Boston Planned Parenthood, Steve Ertelt, (01/11/11)

Dover Health Center closes due to budget cuts, (01/05/11)


Planned Parenthood Launches New Sex Ed Program for Kid
Steven Ertelt,, (12/30/10)

Planned Parenthood Chapter Quits, Forced by National to Do Abortion
Steven Ertelt,, (12/21/10)

Planned Parenthood affiliates sign contract for merger
Telegraph Herald, Mary Nevans-Pederson, (12/11/10)

Iowa Planned Parenthood merger could lead to increased abortions, Kathleen Gilbert, (12/10/10)

Iowa Planned Parenthood Abortion Groups Merge After Financial Problem, Steven Ertelt, (12/10/10)

Top Companies Stop Backing Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz, Steven Ertelt, (12/10/10)

Judge: Planned Parenthood Rushed Abortion on Sexually Abused Teen, Steven Ertelt, (12/08/10)

Survey Shows 31 Abortion Centers Closed Over Last 12 Months, Steven Ertelt, (11/30/10)

United States Sees 53 Million Abortions Since Roe in 1973, Steven Ertelt, (11/26/10)

No lease renewal
WLKM Radio Online, (11/09/10)

Planned Parenthood Abortion Center Closes in Kansas, Three Left in State, Steve Ertelt, (11/08/10)

Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Settles Medicaid Fraud Case, Steven Ertelt, (10/30/10)

Arizona Judge: Planned Parenthood Can’t Have Non-Doctors Do Abortions, Steven Ertelt, (10/28/10)

Frenchtown High School Removes Planned Parenthood From Sex Ed Class, Matt Leach, (10/12/10)

Prayer + petition leads to Planned Parenthood's expulsion, Charlie Butts, (10/04/10)

United Way reclassifies Planned Parenthood (The Repository), Staf Report, (10/01/10)

Pro-Lifers Boot Planned Parenthood from Michigan Counties, Kathleen Gilbert, (09/28/10)

At 10-year mark, abortion pill still divisive
Telegraph Herald, (09/27/10)

Planned Parenthood Office Lease Not Extended
WTVB Online (, (09/24/10)

Planned Parenthood set to close
Trinidad Times, Randy Woock, (09/17/10)

Suit Threatens Planned Parenthood Funds, Shannon Bream, (09/09/10)

Des Moines Register on Telemed: Telemedicine should help expand care, not limit choice, The Register's Editorial, (09/05/10)

Pro-Life Leaders Vow to Fight Iowa 'Telemed' Abortions, Kathleen Gilbert, (08/24/10)

Financial difficulties lead to Planned Parenthood shake-up
Contra Costa Times, Sandy Kleffman, (08/23/10)

Protesters picket and pray outside Planned Parenthood, Emily Devlin, 08/07/10)

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate Loses Affiliation
The Bay Citizen, Katharine Mieszkowski, (08/06/10)

Iowa Board of Medicine to Receive Letter Asking for End to Telemed Abortions, Steven Ertelt, (08/05/10)

Women's Clinic to Close in Fayetteville, Staff Writer, (07/27/10)

Alaska Abortion Advocates Spending Big to Stop Parental Notification Vote, Steven Ertelt. (07/26/10)

Interview with Day Gardner - Steven Brody, Director of Dubuque County Right to Life
Brody discusses telemed abortions in Iowa
National Pro Life Radio, (07/21/10)

Planned Parenthood Staffer Caught on Tape, Misleads Woman on Abortion, (07/20/10)

“Now there are 11 cities and one Planned Parenthood”
Planned Parenthood closes one of two abortion centers in San Mateo County
California Catholic Daily, (07/15/10)

Residents Target New Planned Parenthood Clinic
Clinic Would Be 1st In Omaha To Provide Abortions
KETV-7, (07/12/10)

A Big Win Against Planned Parenthood
American Center for Law & Justice, Jay Sekulow, (07/01/10)

Planned Parenthood Challenges Neb. Abortion Law, (06/28/10)

Clinic to offer abortion services
OHMAHA WORLD-HERALD, Juan Perez Jr., (06/25/10)

Probe of rural Iowa system for dispensing abortion pills is urged
Des Moines Register, Tony Leys, (06/25/10)

DILLER: Planned Parenthood's missing millions
New GAO report reveals disturbing financial discrepancies

Washington TImes, Rita Diller, (06/18/10)

Planned Parenthood shutting down satellite offices in Truckee, Meyers
Sierra Sun, Matthew Renda, (06/17/10)

Former Planned Parenthood Director: Stop New, Risky Telemed Abortion Process, Abby Johnson, 2010

Alaska Voters Will Get to Vote on Parental Notification Before Abortion Measure, Steven Ertelt, 06/03/10)

Waterbury, Vermont Planned Parenthood Abortion Referral Business Closes, Steven Ertelt, (06/02/10)

Planned Parenthood Protest, (05/20/10)

Planned Parenthood Celebration Draws Pro-Life Protesters, (05/20/10)

Crowd gathers to protest Planned Parenthood event, Molly Rossiter, (05/20/10)

'Telemed' Abortions Under Investigation in Iowa
Christian News Wire, (05/04/10)

Pro-Lifers to Protest Largest Planned Parenthood Facility in Western Hemisphere, (04/30/10)

Another Undercover Video Shows Kentucky Abortuary Failing to Report Child Sex Abuse, Peter J. Smith, (04/21/10)

Another Wisc. Planned Parenthood Caught Giving Misleading Medical Information, (04/13/10)

A Second Wisconsin Planned Parenthood Caught On Tape Giving Misleading Medical Information
Live Action Films, (04/12/10)
Overview >

Planned Parenthood Fights Abortion Initiative
Maura Kennedy, KREX TV, (3/28/10)

Planned Parenthood 1952: Abortion 'Kills the Life of a Baby,' Danger to Mother, Peter J. Smith, (03/16/10)

Planned Parenthood Facilities 2009 Report
American Life League, (3/15/10)

Pesky Florida Pro-lifers Bring End to Planned Parenthood Program Funding
Kathleen Gilbert, (03/11/10)

Illinois Planned Parenthood Starts Selling Dangerous Abortion Drug in Springfield, Steven Ertelt, (03/02/10)

Ashland clinic will offer medication-induced abortions
Mail Tribune, Bill Kettler, (02/23/10)

VIDEO: Undercover Tape at WI Planned Parenthood Shows 10th Case of Child Sex Abuse Coverup
Kristina Hernandez, CRC PR (02/2010)

Planned Parenthood's move to East Knoxville proves controversial, Ann Keil, (02/02/10)

Planned Parenthood to relocate health center, Kristi L. Nelson, (02/01/10)

Pro-Life Legal Group Opposes Planned Parenthood Efforts to Block South Dakota Law, (01/27/10)

MONAHAN: Nix abortion spending
Taxpayers shouldn't be funding the abortion industry
The Washington Times, Jeanne Monahan, (01/26/10)

International Planned Parenthood Capitalizing on Haiti Earthquake with New Fundraiser, Patrick B. Craine, (01/19/10)

Planned Parenthood Doubles "Abortion Services" From 2007 to 2008 to Over 1 Million, Samantha Singson, (01/02/10)


The Bad Business of Planned Parenthood, Mauricio Roman, (11/27/09)

Planned Parenthood and ACLU Sue to Block Nevada Personhood Initiative, (11/13/09)

What does pro-life really mean?
Telegraph Herald, Rev. Robert Gross, (11/05/09)

Planned Parenthood Pushes Abortion for Profit: Ex-Abortion Facility Director Says..., James Tillman, (11/05/09)

Planned Parenthood Director Quits After Watching Abortion on Ultrasound
Fox News, Joseph Abrams, (11/02/09)

Director of Planned Parenthood at 40 Days for Life Birthplace Resigns After Watching Abortion Ultrasound - Planned Parenthood seeks restraining order, Kathleen Gilbert, (11/02/09)

Planned Parenthood of Indiana to Cut 25 Jobs After Abortion-Sex Abuse Expose' Steven Ertelt, (10/15/09)

Planned Parenthood Conducts Clinical Trials on Underage Girls
American Life League, Katie Walker, (10/06/09)

Indiana Planned Parenthood Closes Five Centers After Hiding Abortion-Sex Abuse, Steven Ertelt, (09/07/09)

Planned Parenthood Conducts Clinical Trials on Underage Girls
American Life League, Katie Walker, (10/6/09)

Missouri Planned Parenthood Closes Abortion Referral Center in Kirksville, Steven Ertelt, Editor, (9/23/09)

Arizona Planned Parenthood Sues to Overturn New Pro-Life Laws Limiting Abortions, Steven Ertelt, Editor, (9/14/09)

Group announces ad campaign against Planned Parenthood
Jill Tanek, (8/18/09)

Anti-abortion protesters plan 'shock and awe' campaign
Telegraph Herald Article, Erik Hogstrom,(8/18/09)

Planned Parenthood first anniversary met with protest, celebration
KWWL, Jamie Grey, (8/17/09)

Abortion Clinic Controversy (VIDEO)
KWW-TV, Jamie Grey,(8/17/09)

Planned Parenthood, 1 Year Later
Telegraph Herald Video, (8/17/09)

Dubuque Right to Life Blasts Planned Parenthood
KCRG-TV9, Katie Weideman, (8/17/09)

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