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FACT: Although Planned Parenthood is a tax-funded “non-profit” organization, it unabashedly fights for ABORTION ON DEMAND and LOBBIES AGAINST any and all Constitutionally-permissible restrictions on abortion. This includes laws that would require parental notification for birth control and abortion procedures administered to minor girls.

Despite that Planned Parenthood is technically classified as a “non-profit” organization with millions in annual taxpayer funding, it raises money (under the auspices of the “Planned Parenthood Action Fund”) and vigorously lobbies against parental rights (such as laws to ensure parental notification and/or consent for abortions or birth control for minor girls) and against any and all restrictions, however slight, on abortion – laws that are Constitutionally-permissible according to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Indeed, Planned Parenthood always leads the fight against laws that would require parental notification and/or consent for services and procedures administered to minor girls – and brags whenever it successfully defeats such legislation.

For example, Planned Parenthood currently brags that a major achievement in 2008 was the expenditure of more than $7 million to fight a parental notification initiative in California. (see And as recently as July 2009, Planned Parenthood filed a new lawsuit, this one in Alaska, “to block a voter initiative that would make it illegal for minors to get abortions without notifying a parent.” (“Lawsuit targets initiative requiring abortion notification,” Anchorage Daily News, July 31, 2009).

Even Wikipedia, the popular online encyclopedia routinely used by youth, advises that Planned Parenthood’s “stand on political and legal issues” is to oppose all restrictions on abortion, “including:

• laws requiring parental consent or notification for girls under the age of 18 (or 17 in some states) to have an abortion

• laws requiring an ultrasound before abortion…

• laws requiring a waiting period (ranging from a couple of hours to a day or more)”


As the United Conference of Catholic Bishops puts it:

“PPFA [Planned Parenthood Federation of America] says it wants to reduce abortions, yet advocates unrestricted access to abortion and lobbies and/or files suit against even very modest and widely supported laws that reduce abortions: laws requiring informed consent, a 24-hour waiting period after counseling to think over the decision, parental notification or consent before a minor daughter’s abortion, state and federal bans on the gruesome partial-birth abortion procedure, recordkeeping and reporting of abortions, and a ban on transporting minors across state lines for abortions to circumvent a home state’s parental involvement law.”

(Fact Sheet: Planned Parenthood Federation of America, available at

Over the years, Planned Parenthood has spent millions in litigation to prevent enforcement of even minor laws that would restrict access to abortion. Such Planned Parenthood lawsuits include Planned Parenthood v. Danforth (1976) (informed consent, parental involvement and recordkeeping); Planned Parenthood v. Rounds (2006) (practitioner information to women); Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992) (brief waiting period); Planned Parenthood v. Ashcroft (1983) and Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood (2006) (parental involvement); and Gonzales v. Planned Parenthood (2007) (partial-birth abortion).

If Planned Parenthood successfully stops an effort, no matter how widely supported by voters, that might restrict access to abortion (or even merely advocate abstinence to youth), Planned Parenthood boasts unabashedly. Its most recent Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2007-08, for example, brags that:

• “Thanks in large part to Planned Parenthood’s advocacy, the 110th Congress…cut funds for…abstinence only programs.” (Page 13)

• “In Congress and several states, we defeated efforts to deny funding to Planned Parenthood.” (Page 13)

• “We also fought back a number of measures designed to ban abortion. In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding the federal abortion ban, seven states (AK, AZ, HI, KY, MI, WI, and WV) considered state-copycat bills, and last year, we helped defeat all of them.” (Page 13)

• PPFA attorneys fought against restrictions on access to medication abortions in New Mexico and Ohio. (Page 14).

As if Planned Parenthood’s advocacy against parental notification laws weren’t evidence enough of its efforts to undermine the sanctity of the parent-child relationship, the organization goes even further on its website. There, Planned Parenthood specifically advises teenage girls that “your state may require one or both of your parents to give permission for you abortion or be told of your decision prior to the abortion. However, in most states you can ask a judge to excuse you from these requirements. The procedure is called a ‘judicial bypass.’” (Emphasis added). The website then encourages girls to “contact your local Planned Parenthood health center” to “find out more about the laws in your state and the judicial bypass option. (see


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