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Planned Parenthood = Abortion

The numbers of abortions committed by Planned Parenthood each year are staggering. Its own annual reports document these abortions, amounting to hundreds of thousands of dead babies each and every year. According to its own statistics, Planned Parenthood is the world’s No. 1 provider of abortions.

Wait, there’s more. These abortions are subsidized each year by us, the taxpayers – to the tune of more than $450 million each year – despite Planned Parenthood’s own reports that its yearly revenue is more than $1 billion. Though it calls itself a “non-profit”, Planned Parenthood candidly lobbies, federally as well as in all 50 states, against any and all Constitutionally-permitted restrictions on abortion. Planned Parenthood, in fact, is particularly vehement in its efforts to curtail any laws that might lead to involvement by parents in the health care decisions of their minor daughters, such as parental notification for birth control and/or abortions.

The source for all this? Planned Parenthood itself. Planned Parenthood makes all this information available in its annual reports, which are publicly available. Check the reports out for yourself. The facts don’t lie.

The truth about Planned Parenthood, compiled from its own publicly-released statistics, is undeniable and irrefutable. The facts are these:

FACT:Planned Parenthood is the world’s No. 1 provider of abortions. Planned Parenthood’s own data reveals that it COMMITTED MORE THAN 329,000 ABORTIONS last year alone.

FACT: Although Planned Parenthood is a tax-funded “non-profit” organization, it unabashedly fights for ABORTION ON DEMAND and LOBBIES AGAINST any and all Constitutionally-permissible restrictions on abortion. This includes laws that would require parental notification for birth control and abortion procedures administered to minor girls.

FACT: Despite the staggering number of abortions it commits yearly, Planned Parenthood is publicly-funded each year with hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars. For fiscal year 2009-2010 alone, Planned Parenthood received more than $487.4 MILLION from us, the taxpayers, to subsidize its services, including abortion.

FACT: Planned Parenthood is a “non-profit” organization, subsidized by taxpayers, even though it boasts annual revenue of $1.1048 BILLION.

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